Risport is the Italian top brand of ice skates. They manufacture top quality leather skates. Italian design and handcraft… the secret style of their products. Excellence through passion… the distinctive mark of their products.

Risport is headquartered at Rossignol Lange plant in Montebelluna, Treviso, a province of the Venetian area. The area has been home to fine shoemakers and other crafstmen since 1808.

Since then, decades of Venetian tradition influenced the aesthetic taste of their workers, shaping the unique sense of design and color, the main feature of modern Montebelluna craftwork.

Royal Pro White
Risport Dance Black 23.5/24.0
Regular price: $555.00
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Risport RF3 White 23.0 C
RF Light
Risport RF3 White 23.0 C